Energy Explosion Framework

The Energy Explosion Framework is a package for the Unity editor that helps you easily and easily connect the explosion system to your project.

Explosions have different visual and sound effects and different behavior. From the usual big bang, scattering objects falling into the affected area, to a sci-fi energy explosion, after which there is a collapse, pulling all the objects that fell into the affected area into the explosion point.

There are three modes of explosions available:

  • Explosions using raycast – the explosion occurs at the point at which the mouse was clicked.
  • Falling balls – the object appears at the point of clicking with the mouse and under the influence of gravity falls down, exploding when it touches the floor or after the timer ends.
  • Shooting with explosive balls – the ball shoots from the camera position in the direction indicated by the mouse cursor and explodes when touched with objects or by timer.

The following types of explosions are available in the framework:

  • Big Explosion – A powerful explosion with a strong blast wave, scattering objects over a long distance.
  • Dust Explosion – A light explosion without fire, not leaving traces of an explosion on the surface and having a weak blast wave.
  • Energy Explosion – A cool energy explosion, leaving behind a collapsing point, attracting nearby objects.
  • Plasma Explosion – A plasma explosion that repels and imposes a damage effect in the form of electrical impulses on the affected objects.
  • Small Explosion – A small fiery explosion.
  • Tiny Explosion – A tiny explosion, with a small blast wave and an interesting visual effect.

All the visual effects of the explosions are available in the form of customizable prefabs that can be easily customized in the editor.

You can find detailed documentation here.

Link to the page of plugin Energy Explosion Framework in Unity Asset Store.