SERbIY Games

Indie game developer

Super Helix 2

Super Helix 2 is an improved version of the popular adventure ball game in a rotating tower maze with unique gameplay features such as an energy shield, bonus levels, unique skins and themes


Forest Run

Forest Run – endless forest runner with different heroes and different forest


Assets for Unity Asset Store


In addition to games for Google Play, I am developing assets for the Unity Asset Store.
At this moment, there is only one asset.

Energy Explosion Framework – Framework for conveniently creating spectacular explosions that differ not only in visual effects, but also in behavior.


SERbIY Games – is an independent game developer from Russia. 
I do games alone and in free time from the main work. Independently engaged in programming, design, testing, publishing and promoting my games using the Unity game engine.

If you have any questions or desire to help the development – you can write to me through the form below.